Goals, Purposes & Aims

Whippersnappers Early Learning Centre is a privately owned and operated business that aims to provide excellent care for our children by helping them fulfill their potential while facilitating progress beyond family to the wider world and, in particular, to school.

Our aim is to enhance children’s learning and development through:

  • Relationships and interactions which are responsive, reciprocal, positive and encouraging
  • Extending children’s thinking and actions through sensitive and informed guidance, interventions and support
  • Respecting children’s preferences and involving children in decisions about their participation in activities
  • Planning and evaluating the physical environment and providing resources to support the needs of each child and to facilitate quality curriculum and interactions
  • Modelling non-discriminatory behaviour and promoting this with children; implementing strategies to include all children
  • Their health is promoted and emotional well-being nurtured; and they are kept safe from harm
  • Connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended; children know they have a place and feel comfortable with routines, customs and regular events; and children know the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour.