Infants (3-12 months)

We welcome babies from 12 weeks old to our infant area. Each infant will have their own primary caregiver who will establish a trusting, responsive relationship with your child.

Infants are cared for and nurtured by our professional staff in their own private and personal environment filled with colour and stimulation to meet the needs of their development. Caregivers provide support to infants throughout the day with a balanced routine and are alert to babies’ cues. The environment is set up to foster infants’ physical, sensory, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Mobile infants and toddlers have a need for uncluttered and open spaces to allow them confidently to practise their developing skills unhindered. Our infants have their own indoor and outdoor areas with age specific toys and activities. This ensures them the freedom to explore and interact with teachers and the environment with no interference from older children.

We show respect towards infants and toddlers by inviting them for a nappy change and talking to them about what we will be doing with them before picking them up when changing children, we focus fully on them and engage them in the routine by talking about what is happening, rather than trying to distract them with other things. Everything we do with a child is respectful and should be a pleasure.