Several months prior to your child’s next birthday we will start the transitioning process from one area to another.

Transitioning within the three areas in the Nursery generally doesn’t cause much disturbance to the child’s routine as the areas are separated by low partitions and the children are already familiar with the teachers and other children. Transitioning from the Nursery to the Preschool is a bigger step for children as they are essentially moving from one building to another. In both areas we manage this process by doing the following:

  • Parents are made aware their child will begin transitioning. You will be asked to sign an acknowledgement form and you will be introduced to the new teachers that will be caring for your child.
  • Several months prior to the child’s next birthday, your child will be introduced to the new teachers and children within their new area. They will spend several hours a day familiarising themselves with their new routines.
  • This is a gradual process and as the child’s confidence and their security in their new surroundings grow, they will begin to spend more and more time in their new area. If by the time your child has reached their next birthday and they are not considered ready to move permanently between areas, the transitioning process will continue.
  • During this process parents will be kept up to date of their child’s progress and any concerns or issues that the parents or teachers have will be discussed thoroughly.
  • Please note transitioning through to the Preschool is subject to availability. It is not always possible to transition on your child’s 3rd birthday. Please be assured your child will be given priority once a space becomes available in the Preschool.