Preschool (3-6)

Children aged between three and four start to play with other children, instead of next to them and are more likely to take turns and share.

They begin to understand that other people have feelings and rights.

At Whippersnappers the 3 year old will begin to experience the joy of self-expression in the areas of music, arts and crafts, science, story hour, cooking and organised games in our supervised play areas. We also emphasize learning to share with friends and developing self-help skills and respect for others and materials. Main subjects and activities are art, language, music and movement; pretend play; manipulative activities such as stacking blocks, pegboards and stringing beads; which all assist with developing the child’s decision making, planning, sharing, cooperating, sense of accomplishment and pre-math skills; and the basic cognitive skills of cause and effect.

Our qualified and experienced staff will help prepare your 4 year old for school. We take time to develop 4 year olds growing interest in school subjects such as science, music, art and math.