Lunch & Snack Times

Please provide snacks for children attending part sessions, and lunch for children attending morning sessions, and a drink bottle filled with water for your child to drink during the day. Please take home at the end of each day.

  • No gladwrap please & preferably no food packaging (wrappers) of any kind. Countdown have great lunch boxes with compartments so you don’t need to wrap food.
  • Uneaten food will be returned to lunch boxes so parents can see what was eaten.
  • All food requiring refrigeration should be named and placed in the fridge in the main kitchen on arrival at the centre.
  • If you require staff to heat food, please have it prepared and in the correct container so it can be placed directly into a microwave for warming.
  • Named lunch boxes should be placed on the kitchen bench when arriving at the centre.
  • Named drink bottles should be placed on the water shelf each day and taken home at the end of the day please.
  • No chips or chocolate please (chocolate biscuits are okay).
  • We are peanut free. No peanut butter or nut bars.
  • We will provide cutlery if children require utensils to eat with, eg. spoons for yoghurt etc.
  • Please ensure anything that needs cutting or peeling (if your child is unable to do it themselves) is done before packing it in your child’s lunch box. Bananas are fine for staff to assist with.
  • No two minute noodles please.
  • The children will sit down together for their meals.
  • We are happy for you to have separate containers for morning and afternoon tea if you are concerned your child may want to eat all their food in one sitting. Remember children get hungry when they are so active, so please ensure you pack plenty of food.