Staff & Ratios

At Whippersnappers we are committed to employing the best possible person for the position required. All our staff are supported with regular opportunities to attend professional development and in-house training.

Management believes staff are a valuable asset to our business. We value and respect each staff member and provide excellent working conditions, incentives and great pay. We work extremely hard at keeping staff happy, valued and challenged. It is our aim to have a low turn over of staff, ensuring continuity for our children.

If you feel a teacher has gone beyond their duty or you feel that they are an especially valuable member of our team, please let Management know as we love to hear positive feedback about our team and want to reward staff appropriately.

We aim for no less than 80% of our staff to be qualified in Early Childhood. Teachers who are not qualified have been employed as they are experienced teachers who are either currently in training or due to commence their training. A lot of our teachers are also Mum’s as well as Grandmothers.

All our staff wear a uniform which is easily identified by our logo. All members of staff also wear name badges.


It is essential before you enrol your child in an Early Childhood facility that you enquire about the teacher to child ratios. There is a minimum set by the Ministry of Education for under 2’s and over 2’s. We endeavour to exceed the minimum requirement of teachers as set by the MOE. Please enquire to find out what our current ratios are. Not only will your child receive a higher amount of attention with more teachers, our staff are less stressed and better supported.